We make inspiring chat experiences

Chat robotics, outsourcing and training

Multilingual Artifical Intelligence

Not all artificial intelligence is the same. You want the highest recognition rate, with reliable detection of messages which can not be handled We support system integration. It allows use of real-time data inside the bot.

Inspiring Conversations

We build inspiring conversation through service design. Chat is a unique, interactive content type.

Chat Staff

Chat Outsourcing service and training. Chat robotics services, consultants, and training.

How to get started?

1 Use cases

Identify goals and potential use cases. Make quick tests to verify expected benefits.

2 Content and user experience

We interview your staff. Based on the interviews we may create; chat standard operating manual, style guide and conversational content for the bot.

3 Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Building of language models & training of A.I. to recognize intents, actions and objects. .

4 Human Resources

Staffing for chat operations and A.I. training We offer a staffing service as well as online training services.

How do we differ from others?

Comprehensive service

We create inspiring chat solutions in a holistic way. We will support you all the way in building your chat experience.

Genuine language analytics

Our AI solution analyzes chat messages which allows new engaging opportunities in chat automation space.

Integration Opportunities

Our artificial intelligence has been created for integration, where many self-services require manual data synchornization.

Focused on chat experiences

We focus on chat and instant messaging experiences, creating the foundation for a broad understanding of best practice.

Contact Us

Chatbot Pack is a service of Kwork Innovations Ltd. For more information about the service provider, visit the website www.kwork.me

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