Where do you let people know about your chatbots? Lots of directories are available to tell the public about what's out there, and many of them let you submit your listing. In most cases you have to register an account first. Here are ten directories that accept submissions.

  • Chatbots.org: Claims to be a "list of all chatbots in the world." Bots are listed by country, language, platform, theme, and features. The listing shows live installations as well as the developer's site.
  • There Is a Bot for That: Bots are listed by tags and platforms. Listings include a link back to your website and may include reviews.
  • Chatbottle: Listings are by platform. Listings include the developer's description and a link to an instance, as well as votes by users.
  • Bot Finder: Each listing includes a button to add the bot to its application and has sharing buttons. Registration isn't required to submit a bot.
  • Kik Bot Shop: The official shop for Kik bots. Each listing shows a code which users can scan in Kik to use the bot. You need to be a Kik developer to submit a bot for approval.
  • Slack App Directory: Applications for Slack, including bots. Listings a link to your homepage for the app and a button to install it. There is a submission and approval process to be listed.
  • Alexa Skills Store: The official outlet for skills (apps) for Amazon's Alexa. Submissions need to go through a certification process. Users can enable a skill verbally or from the listing.
  • Wikia List of Chat Bots: This wiki is open for editing by anybody who registers on Wikia. Creators are invited to list their bots.
  • Storebot.me: Bots for Telegram. May not be work-safe, depending on currently featured items. Listings include reviews and a button to add the bot.
  • 50bots: Bots for messenger applications. A Russian site, with a user interface that suggests an imperfect knowledge of English. You can add bots without registering.

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