Chat Services and Chatbots' Pricing

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Chat Service Package Pricing

The Chat service package is priced according to your needs. A self-service platform is the most affordable options. It is priced according to average chat usage.

Pricing is influenced by e.g.

  • Chatbot Integration Needs
  • The complexity of the functionalities of the chatbot
  • The complexity of linguistic features
  • Required Live Chat Service staff
  • Training requirements

Chatbot Pricing

Chatbots are provided either as a service (Software-as-a-Service) or licensed to your own data center. Maintenace has a special importance in chatbots because they usually have a large number of integration both to user interfaces and back-end systems. For maximum benefit, you should also include continuous language model development based on user feedback.

The Chatbox service costs are usually about one-tenth of the cost of the live chat staff. Setting up chatbots can involve an integration project in your own systems, and in demanding cases, the implementation of customized language models. Payback period is often fairly short. Learn more in our blog.

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